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he really had no appetite, thinking th

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    at I was only chaffing. However, when he found it was really true, and saw the fish I brought up to cook for our meal, he was in no way behind me in getting to work on the best meal we had had for some days. Not wishing to waste the fish

    nt to tell him o
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    , of which we could not manage to take much with us, we stayed there for a few days and were much better for the rest. We managed to dry a little of the fish, which we took with us when we moved on again. This proved to be the turning-po

    f our good luck.
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    int of our luck, as a few days later we were overtaken by a Boer, going up to Bulawayo with a mule-wagon, and exchanged some of our dried fish with him for a little tea, flour, and a few other things, which we had now been without for sev

    By way of break
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    eral days. He seemed a good sort, so we begged him to give us a lift, which he did willingly enough, so our troubles were over for that journey. 26 I was so anxious to get into Bulawayo that I left the wagon when we were still some mile

    ing the news gen
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    s from the end of our journey, and made my way ahead on foot. This was a stupid thing to do, as we were well aware that the Matabele were already out in that district. We had found all the forts, as the police posts were called, under arm

    tly, I asked him
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s on the way up. These posts, which were placed at intervals along the road, were small positions protected by earthworks and barbed-wire entanglements, and occupied by thirty or forty men, with perhaps a Maxim gun. Many of them were the scenes of desperate fights during the rising, but their very names are unknown to people in England, who only regarded the Matabele rising as one of our many little wars, and

as it did not affect their everyday life, took little or no interest in it. I was lucky enough to get safely into Bulawayo without adventure, arriving about two o’clock in the afternoon, and was not surprised to find the town under martial law. Everybody was ar

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